How to Browse Using Keyboard Shortcuts on Your iPad

How to Browse Using Keyboard Shortcuts on Your iPad

If you use a keyboard on your iPad or iPhone, keyboard shortcuts are a fantastic way to easily get around. Instead of constantly touching the screen, you can use keyboard shortcuts to quickly complete actions. This tip focuses on using keyboard shortcuts to browse through the Mail app and Safari. Here’s how to browse using keyboard shortcuts on your iPad.

It’s always good to know that you can view (some of) your keyboard shortcuts from any screen by holding down the Command button. The command button is what tells your iPad you’re using a shortcut.

How to Browse Mail with Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • In the Mail app, you can now use the arrow keys to go through your Mail.

  • To do this, hold down the command key and tap the up and down arrow.

This allows you to go through your emails one-by-one and tap delete for any you don’t want to read further.

How to Browse in Safari with Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Tap the spacebar to scroll down a page. It’s a pretty fast scroll so a light tap is all that’s needed.



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