Apple AirPods 2 & StudioPods: Release Date, Colors, Charging Case, Pricing, More

We're coming up on the September 12 Apple announcement, and we're all anticipating big things on the horizon. From the AirPods 2 to wireless charging cases, there's a lot to be excited about. Of course, not everything we predicted in June will come to pass. In this article, we'll cover all the AirPod and Studio Pod related rumors and news leading up to the big announcement. Read on to discover the buzz around the internet and to find out if the upgrades you've been hoping for will be released in September. 

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AirPods Wireless Charging Case


airpods case 

According to Mac Rumors, Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis is anticipating that Apple's long awaited AirPower wireless charging pad and AirPod wireless charging cases will be released in September following the September 12 iPhone announcement. We're not holding our breath for the AirPower at this point, but if Apple is going to release the charging pad this year, then September is our best bet. Speaking of wireless charging, 9-to-5 Mac has released possible renders of the official wireless AirPod charging case. If these rumors are true, then we can definitely expect both the AirPower and a compatible AirPod charging case to be officially released next month.

StudioPods and AirPods 2 Release Date: The Wait Continues

In June, rumors began circulating that the rumored over-ear headphone version of the AirPods, to be called StudioPods, won't be released until 2019. We won't know for sure until the September 12 announcement, but if the StudioPods are delayed until next year, we assume it will be because Apple is still working out some kinks. We also recently heard that Apple will not be releasing AirPods 2 in September. Like everything else in this article, these are just rumors, but this particular rumor comes to us from Forbe's. According to Forbes, via Barclays, sales on AirPods are still so high that there might not be a reason to release a new version at this point. Maybe next year, as sales begin to dwindle, we'll see a release of the AirPods 2 in order to push sales. For now, we might have to wait on the next iteration of AirPods. That doesn't mean we aren't excited for what a new version of the AirPods might entail.

AirPods 2: What Can We Expect When They're Finally Released?

airpods case

Touchless Siri Function?

AirPods owners can currently interact with Siri by double-tapping either AirPod; no need to even touch the iPhone. Siri can then help with a range of tasks, including making a phone call, changing volume level, offering directions, or switching music and other audio programming. Will the AirPods 2 have the capability to engage Siri with only a voice command? HomePod owners can interact with Siri through voice-only control, so why not AirPods users? 

Upgraded Wireless Chip?

AirPods in their current version incorporate Apple's W1 chip to detect when the AirPods are in your ears (one or both), route audio, engage the microphone, and manage battery life. Will the AirPods 2 utilize a W2 chip and, if so, what new capabilities will it convey? Even longer battery life? Bluetooth 5.0 capability? I'm interested to find out!  

AirPods Colors: Black AirPods, Perhaps?

One color option is not enough for those of us who prefer black, Space Gray, or even the flashy Rose Gold. Will the AirPods 2 come with one or more color choices, or stick with the standard white?

Water Resistant or Even Waterproof?

A feature I'd love to see in AirPods 2 is water resistance, or better yet, completely waterproofed. AirPods have held up to moisture exposure pretty well in the wild, but are not guaranteed to be water resistant. And accidents and sweaty workouts happen, so it would be great not to feel so concerned about a few splashes of rain or, perhaps, coffee. My guess is that we could see water resistant AirPods with the second version, but complete waterproofing may be a feature for AirPods 3.

Remote Microphone/Hearing Aid with Live Listen

Live Listen is a feature that allows your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to synch with your set of made for iPhone hearing aids and function as a remote microphone. This is a wonderful feature for people with mild hearing impairments, and it looks as though it will be available for the AirPods 2. 

StudioPods: Is Apple Giving Us Over-the-Ear AirPods?

beats by dre blue


MacWorld has some ideas about how to expect from the StudioPods. Along with improved audio quality (compared to the in-ear counterpart, AirPods) the StudioPods are rumored to include AirPod and HomePod tech. What will that mean for users? Well, for one thing, it would mean having a wireless headset that's fully integrated into the Apple ecosystem, allowing users to talk to Siri, control their iOS devices, and have the over-the-ear privacy of headphones all while remaining hands free.

How Much Will Apple Studio Pods Cost?

StudioPods will be a higher-end offering than AirPods since they're expected to feature higher audio quality. If the current price for Beats by Dre, Beats Studio3 Wireless at $349.95, is any indication, we can expect StudioPods to cost between $299 and $399, if not slightly more.

What do You Think?

Do you have predictions for the new AirPods, AirPower charging mat, or StudioPods? What features would you like to see most, and do you plan on buying any of Apple's new tech? Let me know in the comments!

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