Instagram for iPad: How to Get the Instagram App on Your iPad

Instagram. If it seems to you that everyone and their dog has an Instagram account these days, you're not far off base (yes, people literally have Instagram accounts for their dogs.) The latest Instagram statistics indicate that the social media app has over 500 million monthly and 800 million daily active users, and that number just keeps growing. With new features popping up every few months, Instagrammers won't lose interest any time soon, either. What started as a simple photo sharing app with a selection of filters and editing tools soon added a video feature, then a live video feature, and now includes even more editing options, face filters for still photos and videos, direct messaging, the ability to follow hashtags, and much more. A major frustration for Instagram users, though, has been the inability to download the Instagram app on their iPads. After all, it would be great to edit photos and see friend's videos on a larger screen, be able to switch back and forth between a movie on the iPad and taking an Instagram break to check notifications, and just have another option for using the app. Despite the lack of an official Instagram app for iPad, there are ways to work around this missing offering. Let's get started learning how to get Instagram for iPad! 

Instagram for iPad: Let's Go!

Want to put Instagram on your iPad? Open the App Store app on your iPad and type in "Instagram." As you can see, the autocomplete feature even suggests there's an iPad version of Instagram.

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instagram for ipad

But when you do the search, the Instagram app doesn't appear. The only Instagram apps that come up are Hyperlapse and Boomerang from Instagram, that's because the App Store recognizes that you're on an iPad and only shows you apps designed for that device.

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Don't worry though, there's an easy workaround! To download the actual Instagram app, go to the top left corner of the App Store app and tap on "Filters", then tap on "iPhone Only." 

instagram ipad

Select "iPhone Only" and the app automatically executes the search again. The Instagram app will now appear in the search results. You can now download it to your iPad by clicking on the "Get" button, then open it by clicking "Open!"

instagram for ipad

Instagram for iPad: Does It Work?

Short answer: mostly. The Instagram app was not designed to be used on an iPad, so you may not have the resolution you'd have on your iPhone. Some photos and videos appear very crisp, and others not so much. The iPad also minimizes the display a bit, so you'll see a black frame instead of a full-screen view. Another major difference is that you won't be able to make the display horizontal. In my experience, though, being able to use an iPad to take, edit, and view photos and videos is entirely worth it, and while some photos appear a bit pixelated, it's not that extreme. 

instagram for ipadinstagram for ipad

But Wait, There's More!

If you're not pleased with the results of downloading the Instagram app to your iPad, there's still one more option. Simply open your browser and type in, then log into your account. Everything will be crisp and clear, no black frame, you can use it horizontally or vertically, and you can take and upload photos and videos by tapping on the plus sign at the bottom of the screen as well!

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