How to Turn On iPhone X & Turn iPhone X Off

Without a Home button, how do you switch off the iPhone X? There are a couple ways; in a previous tip, I went over how to power off your iPhone without buttons, which is more of an iOS 11 feature than an iPhone X one. However, you can still switch off your iPhone X with buttons, it’s just a bit different than you’re used to. We’ll also cover how to turn on your iPhone X. Here’s how to turn on and off your iPhone X.

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How to Turn Off iPhone X

  • Click and hold the Side button and Volume up or down button.
  • The Slide to Power Off screen will appear. Release the buttons! (It’s important you release the buttons because Emergency SOS will automatically activate if you continue to hold them down.)

  • Slide to power off.

That’s it! If your iPhone is frozen or acting glitchy and you need to hard restart your device, we have a tip on that here.

How to Turn On iPhone X

  • To turn on your iPhone X, press and hold the Side button until the Apple logo appears.

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