How to Lock & Unlock Your Workout on Apple Watch

When you begin a workout on Apple Watch, you’re still able to tap your digital crown and return to the watch face or even open up other apps. However, it's possible you might brush the screen and accidentally pause or end your workout. But there’s a simple solution on Apple Watch: you can lock your screen during a workout. When you lock your screen during a Workout on Apple Watch, the app cannot be closed until you unlock your screen. Here’s how to lock and unlock your Workout on Apple Watch.

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How to Lock and Unlock Your Workout on Apple Watch

  • Once you’ve started your Workout, swipe right to open the page that has three options: End, Pause, and Lock.

  • Tap Lock.

  • If you attempt to leave the Workout screen, your Apple Watch will remind you it’s locked.

  • To unlock your Workout, simply turn your Digital Crown until the lock opens.


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